Internal pressure release for structures

The primary function of the WINDWORKER was to reduce the build-up of internal pressure within the interior of structures in the event of any destructive wind forces as a means of assisting in the prevention of loss of roof cladding from buildings.

Video of Wind Force from Cyclones, Hurricanes and Storms

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cyclone print

With such storms occurring throughout many parts of the world, the WINDWORKER is suitable for buildings in countries that experience those conditions.

To date the WINDWORKER has been in 26 cyclones in the Australian and south west Pacific regions without loss to either property or to the product.

comparison of buildings - vents

It has been shown that buildings that have an exhaust system during cyclones, hurricanes and storms release the internal pressure to assist in preventing loss of roof cladding. Ventilators other than the Windworker tend to lose the upper section leaving only a base. Unfortunately water damage then enters.

(l-r) Building Lost Roof
Building Demolished
Building with Vents OK

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