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Windworker USA


Jere M Imamoto
JMI & Associates, Inc
PO Box 26478
Hawaii 96825-6478
Telephone 1 (808) 396-5027

Jere Imamoto
Construction Research Laboratory, Florida

Successfully tested to withstand constant and varied wind speeds to 110MPH (200 KPH) at POINT OF INSTALLATION without loss or damage to WINDWORKER. Tests conducted in July, 1981 at the Construction Research Laboratory in Miami, Florida, USA.

The WINDWORKER has been installed throughout Australia, South East Pacific Islands of Fiji and New Caledonia, Tanzania West Africa, Indonesia, the Caribbean and several States in the USA. As the ventilator can be used in the majority of countries for its various applications it is envisaged that these areas will eventually be expanded. Other recent enquiries have been obtained from Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Israel, Singapore, Canada and Finland.

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